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The principals of COPE Private Equity have invested in private equity since the late 1990s with experience guiding and adding value to businesses across multiple economic cycles.

Deal sourcing
Our long presence and connection among local businesses provide the firm with quality referrals and deal sourcing capability. This affords COPE Private Equity proprietary deals in a market where quality deal flows is a key ingredient for overall fund success. Proprietary deals also reduce fund exposure to investments acquired through the competitive bidding process.

We invest primarily in :

  • Growth stage companies requiring capital;
  • Operationally viable mature companies in turnaround situations, including those with distressed capital, where there is opportunity to be a strategic investor; and
  • Mezzanine investments where we take a senior or preferred position in the capital structure.

Geographical focus
We invest mainly in Malaysian and Southeast Asian businesses with regional exposure. This reduces our investment and counterparty risk due to familiarity with the local market, whilst having exposure to the fast-growing middle class.

Sector Focus
Our investments are not limited to any specific industry but must be Shariah-compliant.

We consider the following sectors to be in a sweet spot in benefiting from the long term demographic trends of the region:

Preferred sectors COPE's View
Electrical Equipment Positive
Air Freight & Logistics Neutral
Machinery Positive
Commercial Services & Supplies Positive
Consumer Staples
Food & Staples Retailing Positive
Household Products Positive
Beverages Positive
Personal Products Positive
Information Technology
IT Services Positive
Software Positive
Semiconductors Neutral
Commercial Discretionary
Household Durable Positive
Luxury Goods Neutral
Internet & Direct Marketing Retail Positive
We do not invest in start-ups, commodity, property and construction-related companies.

Deal evaluation
Due diligence and decision making progress
COPE Private Equity is equipped with proprietary deal tracking software, industry-standard evaluation tools and access to private market database.

Once sourced, all deals undergo a rigorous evaluation process. The investment team will prepare an investment thesis, identify key risks and mitigation, understand the competitive landscape and industry trends, build robust financial model and ascertain exit routes.

We are a firm believer in idea meritocracy that allows analysts to test and challenge investment thesis and structure to perfection.

Before underwriting an investment, the principals and investment team will also conduct reference checks with key players of the industry.

Value creation
Value creation is front and centre of our work in delivering outperformance for investors. Using a sports analogy, we see ourselves as a coach to ambitious athletes who are training to compete at the next level.

Among the key levers we use to add value are:

  1. Setting of appropriate KPIs for key management;
  2. Setting of 100-day and 3-year plan;
  3. Improvement in financial reporting and operational procedures by industry experts;
  4. Deployment of portfolio operations team;
  5. Referral of business opportunities;
  6. Referral of follow-on investments;
  7. Improvement in corporate governance;
  8. Guidance and handholding on the IPO process.

Please refer to case studies of our value creation here.

Exit strategy
Potential exit paths are thoughtfully identified during the due diligence phase. From experience, we only invest in companies where there are multiple credible routes for exit.

Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) Policy statement
We believe that sustainable and responsible investing is not only the right thing to practise as a good corporate citizen, it is also the smarter way of doing business.

As a result, we consider ESG matters at the onset of selecting investments, preferring to work with business owners with similar views.

Before investing, we perform thorough due diligence to understand potential risks from an ESG perspective. For identified matters, we will work with management to implement remedial action.

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